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Area of Work

Bundelkhand is infamous for drought and utter negligence by the successive government even though thousands of crores of money is pumped into the area in the name of different packages. Something that immediately strikes after seeing the area of Banda in Bundelkhand is the resilience of the poor and marginalized to survive in this difficult area. They migrate, work as laborers in hazardous stone quarries and mines.



Improve the socio-economic status of marginalised section and establish better relationship between human being and nature



Empowering the people through education, health care, livelihood creation and access to social justice


The Team

Today VDS has a staff of 25 persons, including project coordinators, supervisors, and field workers. A maximum effort has been taken to recruit staff from the local area and ensure the involvement of women and people belonging to marginalized groups. Currently, 40 percent of VDS staff are female. VDS management is done project-wise with dedicated teams that are set up for the implementation of each project. Each project has its own reporting and accounting systems. However, all VDS staff work as one "family" and help and guide each other with no regard for hierarchy or project boundaries. VDS has an open and transparent work culture.



 Vidya Dham Samiti, Atarra
District- Banda
Uttar Pradesh, India
PIN: 210 201

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Phone (9 a.m to 6 p.m)

Contact Person
Raja Bhaiya, Secretary

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